Saratoga Springs & Druthers

Snapshots of Druthers and Saratoga Springs […]

Lovely Astoria

Astoria is beautiful: last stop on the N, quietly and indistinctly New York, friendly squirrels abound, park views from silhouetted tree lines to Triborough to the Manhattan skyline, Hellgate, corner delis under bridges, Greek frappes, crowded little clubs, and wine bars with Jazz sets. A lot for one evening, and worth it. Tell me that […]

Birmingham Y’all

Birmingham was filled with a new speaking adventure, Southern WordCamp charm y’all, gorgeous coffee art, chess… and dinner parties, Bottetree quiche, good memories hanging out across from the fountain across from the square at the fountain, parks with cute fonts and flourishes, Southern BBQ, beer and co-working, good friends, good food, good coffee, media plugin ideas!, early morning sketch sessions, and […]

Skiing at Deer Valley

I consider a good ski day one where I tried something crazy or new, fell at least once, saw some sunshine on the slopes, there’s at least a little fresh snow, and breakfast on the mountain is not out of the question. Ski + breakfast + ski + chess + ski = a good day!

Budapest 2011

The last half of October 2011 brought with it our annual Automattic company meetup in Budapest, Hungary. I went early with a few friends, and we had a blast. I call the edges of trips like this “buffer.” My favorite things about Budapest were the cityscapes, archery at the castle, views of the Danube and […]

Oregon Coast

There’s something surreal about the Oregon Coast. Its white noise wraps you up where the trees meet the sea and it’s calming. Hiking amongst those trees along towering cliffs hearing crashing waves below made me feel small but content. The mud was thick, the beach was beautiful, and the food was awesome. The trek was from Nelscott […]

Loving What You Do Enough to Take Risks

Today in Detroit, I met a woman who knew exactly what she wanted to do in real estate down to the details in the landscaping and the feeling of walking through the front door. Despite needing to do a short sale in a Detroit neighborhood where the house next door sold for just $20K, she […]