Saratoga Springs & Druthers

I snapped a few photos of Saratoga Springs after dinner earlier tonight and thought I’d share them. I did try the beer at Druthers :) and I actually really liked the Brevity Wit, which they described as spiced with coriander, orange peel, and ginger. Druthers seems to have a talent for combining odd flavors in delicious ways—the “loaded fries” really were loaded with pulled pork, beer cheese, ranch, gravy, and green onions. And I am super impressed they have at least one vegan dish, and several vegetarian, options on the menu.

Quote from the poster on the wall behind our table:

Good Karma can’t be bought, sold, traded, bribed, tricked, faked, or won. Karma isn’t lured by fame, persuaded by money, or wooed by words… Karma pays tribute where and when tribute is earned and due… Here’s to taking the high road and letting Karma do the dirty work for you.