Loving What You Do Enough to Take Risks

Today in Detroit, I met a woman who knew exactly what she wanted to do in real estate down to the details in the landscaping and the feeling of walking through the front door. Despite needing to do a short sale in a Detroit neighborhood where the house next door sold for just $20K, she talked about getting right back in to real estate in California. When I asked her why she would want to jump back into an industry that’s having so much trouble, she thought about it for a long minute as if she’d never been asked that before and then carefully confessed it’s really what she loved doing and that she wasn’t happy unless she was transforming a run-down, ugly house into something beautiful. That’s dedication, and I was impressed. I hope she finds success in the California real estate market or wherever her heart leads her. When you love something that much, you should probably take the risk and make your dreams come true.

In contrast, my own path is the least bit risky. I have a lot of passion for design and photography, without any risks in applying them. And so, conversations like the one in Detroit with a determined, under-water real estate agent gets me thinking about risk, reward, and really loving what you do. How much do you really love what you do?

  • July 12, 2011 at 8:26 pm Mark McLaren

    Hi Sheri,
    I love a lot of the things I do for work, but not all of them. I’m not one of the people who would keep my job if I won the lottery – well, a big lottery, anyway. :) Some people seem blessed to have found something they like to do that also makes money – a winning combo.

    I came looking for your site today because I took the WordPress user/dev survey, and it occurred to me that you and I had talked at one point about making it easier for .org forum support people (or was it .com?) to rewrite titles to support requests. Whatever became of that?

    On another note, I noticed that if I go to http://www.designsimply.com/ I see a directory listing rather than getting redirected to http://designsimply.com/ Just wanted to share :) Take it easy!

    Mark McLaren