Photos from WordCamp US 2015

Philly. Like so many big cities, I like you a little bit more every time I visit. You welcomed me with clear skies just after a rain and gave me a new favorite noodle bar for ramen. Plus you hosted WordCamp US that I happily photographed alongside four other brilliant volunteer photographers Kari Leigh Marucchi, […]

Photos from WCSF 2013

It’s WordCamp SF season, and I’m super happy that I got to photograph the event again this year. This time around, I shot it together with Kevin Conboy and Aaron Hockley. I got really into it and was constantly scanning the crowd the entire time. :) I guess I just love being behind the camera, […]

Photos from WCSF 2012

WordCamps are pretty fun to photograph. You can take the pulse of any talk by the looks audience members get on their faces during each session, and hack day is almost always accompanied by several examples of what I like to call “code face.” It was intense both shooting and speaking at WordCamp San Francisco […]