Google AdWords Keyword Tool Starts Showing Approx Search Volume Numbers

I just noticed that the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is showing actual numbers instead of the usual progress bar style indicators for the approx search volume columns. This is a nice (more transparent) move for Google. I like this change.

Nifty Google Search Parameters

Here are some pretty nifty Google search parameters to help you with your SEO efforts. Adding &pws=0 turns off personalized search. If you work with clients in a region other than your own, localization could come in handy. gl – country &gl=US gll – latitude,longitude gr – region &gr=CA-AB &gr=GB-ENG &gr=US-UT gcs – city (gr […]

301 Redirects, Link Structure, XML Sitemaps, & Preferred Domain

Google representative Matt Cutts advises using 301 redirects to establish a preferred www or non-www domain. URLs such as,,, and all seem like they point to the same page, but all of them, in fact, could contain unique content. In order to cut down on a search engine cataloging said content […]

Book Review: Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP

Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP: A Developer’s Guide to SEO by Jaimie Sirovich, Cristian Darie Publisher: Wrox (April 16, 2007) ISBN-10: 0470100923 ISBN-13: 978-0470100929 From url canonicalization to link bait, Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP hits all the SEO basics a php programmer could need. Billed as a book written for the php […]

The 10 Commandments of Search

Quite clever indeed… The 10 Commandments of Search An excerpt: “And all the webmasters perceived the thunderings of an update, and the changing of their PageRank, and the voice of the engine, and their rankings sinking; and when the people saw it, they trembled, and stood afar off.” … from a great post by Skitzzo […]

SEOify Your WordPress with Description & Keyword Meta Tags

Ever wonder how to SEOify your WordPress install? Here’s the code I used in my WordPress theme to use custom fields for description and keywords meta tags. The down side to using this method is that you have to modify it for any new customized meta tags you want to use. I really only wanted […]

Organic and Paid Search: A Combined Approach

Many studies have been done on the value of paid versus organic search engine optimization. In September 2006, WebSideStory reported paid search was only a slightly more efficient 3.4% conversion rate for e-commerce when compared to 3.1% for organic. iProspect reported that about 60% of all users click organic versus 40% for paid. OneUpWeb concluded […]