“We love you wondrous humans”

Love this message from Vimeo. It starts with “we love you wondrous humans” and ends with all caps, italicized LOVE. Auld Lang Stream, my dear There’s really no easy way to say this (oh man, we’re blushing already): we love you wondrous humans who upload and watch videos on the regular. That’s why we’re constantly […]

Recent Print & Photography Portfolio Pieces

Even though you can see some of my featured design work in my gallery and some of my earlier work from the U of U School of Business, the Junior League of Salt Lake City, and Myriad Genetics, Inc. on this older portfolio, I noticed there isn’t much print design work displayed on designsimply.com. So, […]

New Google Favicon

Whoa. Google has updated their favicon. And since I’m afflicted with tabitis, it kind of threw me for a loop. I must admit I kind of like the old one better. Old: New: