“We love you wondrous humans”

Love this message from Vimeo. It starts with “we love you wondrous humans” and ends with all caps, italicized LOVE.

Auld Lang Stream, my dear

There’s really no easy way to say this (oh man, we’re blushing already): we love you wondrous humans who upload and watch videos on the regular. That’s why we’re constantly dreaming up new ways to please you — new apps, new tools, new clothes, and even new original films and series.

We’ll soon embrace a fresh 365 days full of nice things, but first, we’d like to take a moment to say that this virtual acquaintance of ours, however old, shall never be “forgot.” This one (like all the other ones) is for you, friends.

A video for every mood

Come the end of the year, some companies release “annual reports” full of charts and numbers detailing the total cups of coffee they ingested. Other companies build interactive websites to share awesome videos from 2015 with their equally awesome communities.

Analyze your aura

And that’s a rhapsody! See you after the ball drops, and bottles pop, etc., etc.