Make People Feel a Little Better for Your Presence

I love this interview so much. It runs the gamut from poop jokes to depression to knowing what truly matters when it comes to being remembered.

Wait Wait Naked and Ashamed: Peter Sagal

There is a poignant discussion about depression at 14:00 that resonated with me.

The thing that I hope people do now is I hope people say that I was a good guy to be around, that I actually made them happier, to whatever margin, by my presence. That’s really all that matters. (20:30)

That’s it. That’s all you can do in this life is make people feel a little better for your presence. That’s it. (20:54)

I met Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal in 2006 in Salt Lake City when they did a show at Kingsbury Hall. This is one of a very very few fan pics I have ever taken, the other having been with Matt Mulleneweg whom I went on to work for at Automattic for going on 10 years now.