Adventures in Theming

Make something you ❤

I love photography. I love the stories they tell and the emotions they evoke. And I love the way people love seeing pictures of the people and things they care about. It’s powerful in a subtle way.

So I set out to make a theme I truly loved that could display the images I love people to see. On Saturday, I told my theming story at WordCamp Buffalo:

Whet your appetite for theme building with a story about making the jump from theme tinkerer to developer and how to make a theme you really love. The journey begins with CSS and culminates with Photo Addict—a mouthwatering blend of flexbox with handpicked morsels of color and spiced with random images.


I chose the lego man photo for a title slide for two reasons. First, it seems a bit ominous—as crazy adventures tend to be. And second, it was taken in NYC during a meetup with the Theme Team, an adventure in its own right and the spark that led me to release a theme into the wild.