PodCampSLC 2008

The inaugural PodCampSLC 2008 took place on Saturday, March 15th, 2008. The turnout was pretty good. There were a few glitches with building entry and wifi, but all-in-all it was a fairly smooth unconference I suspect. I had great fun meeting people and listening to interesting conversation and one very well done, very educational speech on audio engineering by Mike Wiseland. I also was pleased to meet Jake Spurlock, who works on skiutah.com blog as part of a school project. Very cool stuff. While browsing the blog, I saw this truly gorgeous ski photograph by Grant Gunderson.

Some really cool things I learned at PodCampSLC were:

  • The Zoom H4 is a dynamic and superb little podcasting tool.
  • The Sure SM58 is a common mic you can get for ~$100.
  • The AT4050 is a great mic (three mics in one: cardiod, omni & figure 8) that retails for $999, but you can probably get it for around $550.
  • The biggest problem with lower end video cameras is hum from the tape.
  • Vegas is a really great professional podcast editor that also does video.
  • VisualHub is great video editing software.
  • I really like startcooking.com (mentioned by Doug from Podango).
  • 50,000 downloads/month is not enough reach to attract sponsorships, 50k might be enough for niche advertisers.
  • If it takes 1 hour to create a 13MB audio podcast, it probably will take 10 hours to create a 50MB video podcast.
  • Blogging is a great search engine tool. (I knew that one!)
  • The best mic situation for a group setting (i.e. users group meeting) is a Zoom H4 type device to record the speaker plus two table top mics for questions from the audience.

Unfortunately, and to the dismay of individuals who couldn’t make it, the only thing PodCampSLC was lacking in… was podcasts, which I’m sure will be remedied in 2009.

PodCampSLC 2008
Learn, Share, Evolve.

If you attended PodCampSLC 2008, there is a survey you can take.

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