Google AdWords Keyword Tool Starts Showing Approx Search Volume Numbers

I just noticed that the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is showing actual numbers instead of the usual progress bar style indicators for the approx search volume columns. This is a nice (more transparent) move for Google. I like this change.

New Google Favicon

Whoa. Google has updated their favicon. And since I’m afflicted with tabitis, it kind of threw me for a loop. I must admit I kind of like the old one better. Old: New:

Nifty Google Search Parameters

Here are some pretty nifty Google search parameters to help you with your SEO efforts. Adding &pws=0 turns off personalized search. If you work with clients in a region other than your own, localization could come in handy. gl – country &gl=US gll – latitude,longitude gr – region &gr=CA-AB &gr=GB-ENG &gr=US-UT gcs – city (gr […]