How to Setup Syntax Highlighting in MediaWiki

Steps for setting up GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter) on MediaWiki: Download GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter). Upload geshi.php and the geshi folder to your MediaWiki extensions folder. Create GeSHiHighlight.php using this source code. Copy the following line to your LocalSettings.php file. include(“extensions/GeSHiHighlight.php”); Add code to a MediaWiki page using <pre> tags. <php><?php echo “Hello World!”; ?></php> […]

PHP::Impact Names Most Influential PHP Apps

PHP::Impact recently named sixteen PHP open source applications that have “changed the world” including two of my all-time favorite, much loved, and long used web phenomenons, WordPress and Gallery. Ten years running is a long time for the popular, pragmatic, database-wielding phpMyAdmin to have been in high demand—I had no idea phpMyAdmin had been around […]

301 Redirects, Link Structure, XML Sitemaps, & Preferred Domain

Google representative Matt Cutts advises using 301 redirects to establish a preferred www or non-www domain. URLs such as,,, and all seem like they point to the same page, but all of them, in fact, could contain unique content. In order to cut down on a search engine cataloging said content […]

SEOify Your WordPress with Description & Keyword Meta Tags

Ever wonder how to SEOify your WordPress install? Here’s the code I used in my WordPress theme to use custom fields for description and keywords meta tags. The down side to using this method is that you have to modify it for any new customized meta tags you want to use. I really only wanted […]