Moving iPhone Photos with AutoImporter, ExifTool, Bash, & Applescript

I used to lug around a big DSLR camera before I started traveling more often and before I decided packing light was a skill I had to conquer. Flexible and creative packing is the reason my little iPhone camera turned in to my favorite snapshot tool and most of my photography shifted from stock and […]

Keith Family Christmas 2011

My little sister’s family Christmas photo is complete with icebergs, polar bear rides, presents, Bella the Yorkiepoo, and my *totally* adorable nieces who I love to pieces.  :) Merry polar-bear-riding Christmas you guys. You are crazy amazing talented!

Tiny Details

These are tiny details from my back yard. The red trillium shot is my favorite in the set, and capturing the bumble bee was a lucky break.

WordPress Engineering Populace

Here are just a few shots of the amazing people that make WordPress work—taken the week after WordCamp San Francisco 2010. Hat tip to Matt for inspiring me to pick up a dSLR again and for lending me a totally completely awesome D3S.