AEA SF 2012 — Day 2

Notes from An Event Apart San Francisco 2012—Day 2 Karen McGrane — Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content NPR strategy: COPE — create once, publish everywhere. NPR saw an 80% growth in page views in one year. How did they do it? Their API. Deliver the right aesthetic for every device. Mobile is not a design and […]

AEA SF 2012 — Day 1

Notes and main takeaways from An Event Apart San Francisco 2012—Day 1 Jeffrey Zeldman — Content First! Zeldman talked about designing for content, going so far as to say that design is hostile to content. At, it’s not so much that design is hostile to content, at more basic level, users don’t even understand the […]

Future Insights Live 2012

Future Insights Live in Las Vegas May 2012 was a blast! I met and hung around with some crazy amazing people, learned a few CSS tools, found out where to look for cutting edge design examples, picked up some tips for choosing the perfect font for your project, listened to recounts of typical and best-practice […]

Getting SEO Answers Shouldn’t Be This Hard

WebProNews does a brilliant job introducing coverage of Search Marketing Expo West 2008 in this great viral video. You probably have to be an SEO insider to get it though. The video production is just really well put together. Love the music and sound effects. Looks like it was fun to make. Kudos to Mike […]