Sheri Bigelow

Sheri BigelowI want to be around people who love their work, tell great stories, and want to eat really good food every damn day!

I am very positive. I am a genuinely happy person and love to surround myself with the same. I’m good at seeing the good in people. I am a morning person. I like adventure! My imagination is active but not overactive? I love my work, and others tell me I’m good at it but I am never sure and always want to be doing more. I am a photographer, swing dancer, lover of food, traveler, nginx optimizer, student of UX, and passionate about WordPress and open source.

I love food! I am (re)learning to cook after turning vegetarian then vegan then something more like a plant-based diet with occasional sushi exceptions.

Photography is my forever hobby.

Swing dancing is taking shape in a big way in my life recently.

I love biking, which has been my saving grace this summer.

I have just discovered FI.

I work for Automattic where I help the world make beautiful websites they love.

I can often be found speaking at WordCamps, skiing the Rockies, kayaking the Adirondacks, or exploring the world.


Most things WordPress, UX research, CSS, open source, photography, Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, skiing, hiking, biking, kayaking, canoe carries, and being around people who love what they do.

Once Upon a Time

I learned HTML in the depths of the University of Utah Marriott Library the first summer I spent on campus. I soon found myself taking any web developer job I could get, mostly through the university work study program. I started out pre-med but found it wasn’t for me. I found code compelling because I could fix anything I could break in a computer—unlike surgery which is too unforgiving. I completed a minor in Chemistry and rounded it out with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Before I graduated, I decided to “practice” interviewing but landed an incredibly cool job as Webmaster for Myriad Genetics instead. Eight years later, I joined Automattic as a Happiness Engineer where I have found my home away from home and where I’ve adapted pretty well to remote work despite being an extrovert.